I am an Italian graphic designer and currently Creative/Art Director at fyff.netFrom 2014 till Spring 2017 I was Senior graphic designer at mycs.com, with competences in both print and web design.

I formerly worked for different companies in Berlin including Navarra Visuelle Kommunikation, as graphic designer, and at start-up agency SmartExposé.com, as head graphic designer. During this time I have gained very good skills in web design, iPad/iPhone apps and design layouts.

From June until December 2014 I was in charge as Consulter/UX Designer at Unicredit spa (Milan), to follow and coordinate the launch of Babel, an intranet web app.

I’ve also gained international experience in graphic design in countries such as Spain, Holland and Australia. Working in a Dutch company for two years (sodesign.com) enabled me to gain excellent knowledge in typography, offset print procedures and to be part of an open minded design culture, combining a wide variety of arts to create the final graphic design outcome. It was here that I came to appreciate a powerful and disciplined design culture-which I find quintessential for NorthernEuropean design.

My international experiences have not only benefited my working skills, but also developed my personality. My stay for 2 years in Australia, working as a freelance graphic designer and traveling around, has made me become very independent and able to adapt to other people with different cultures and languages.

My background spans many areas of graphic design, not only digital. I’m specialising in printmaking (particularly in Linocut) after attending an international workshop at the Academy of Fine Arts of Lodz (Poland) with Professor Dariusz Kaca.I’ve also gained Illustration skills through attending workshops at the Illustration Accademy of Sarmede (Italy) with Professor Linda Wolfgruber.

Veronica Colombi’s CV_2016